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The Extinguisher Guy provides inspection and testing services that meet the requirements of all the applicable Australian and industry standards, including AS 1851-2012: Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment.

This equipment we service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fire Extinguishers,
  • Fire Hose Reels,
  • Fire Hydrants,
  • Fire Blankets,
  • Inspection of Fire Doors,
  • Testing of Exit and Emergency Lighting,
  • Testing of Sprinkler Systems,
  • Testing of Fire Detection Systems,
  • Testing of Fire Hydrant Pump Systems,
  • Testing of Smoke Alarms,
  • Drawing of Fire Hydrant Block Plans,
  • Drawing of Fire Detection Block Plans,
  • Drawing of Fire Sprinkler Block Plans,
  • Drawing of Evacuation Plans,
  • Inspection of buildings which need Annual Fire Safety Statements supplied to councils

The priority of The Extinguisher Guy is taking the stress of fire compliance from the business owner or property owner. The Extinguisher Guy can help make fire compliance more easily attainable, by explaining in simple terms what the building needs to be up to standard.

The team at The Extinguisher Guy supplies fire-fighting equipment to new businesses and then maintains the fire equipment by regular servicing.

‘Always rely on The Extinguisher Guy’

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